eAccess Virus Scanning Procedures

A computer virus is a computer program capable of affecting computer performance by attaching to disks or other files and replicating itself repeatedly. This can happen without user knowledge or permission. A virus may or may not be visible but it is always best to properly clean up virus infections.

The eAccess virus scanner routinely scans all the files on the eAccess server for viruses. When a virus is found:

  1. A folder called "Virus Infected Files" is created in the user's eAccess folder with a message called "README.txt" in it.

  2. A backup copy of the infected file is scrambled (to prevent the virus scanner from finding it again) and placed in this folder so that it may be recovered if needed.

  3. The original infected file is then disinfected. A log of the disinfection process is appended to the end of the "README.txt" message.

  4. The file is then scanned for viruses again. If it still contains a virus, the original file is deleted to prevent the virus from spreading. If the original can not be disinfected, a service request must be submitted to the IT Help Desk to ask to have the original file recovered.

If a virus is found in your folder, check the log appended to the end of the "README.txt" message, and then check to see if the original files were successfully cleaned. You will then want to open the files to insure that they are ok. Note that if you open the files on a computer that is infected with a virus, your documents may be re-infected. It is highly recommended that building staff call the Help Desk at x4300 so an IT Field Technician can check any computer that may have used infected files. When you are sure that your files were successfully disinfected, you may delete the "Virus Infected Files" folder and its contents.